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Seed Starting Basics

Seed Starting Basics

Mary Smith |

We offer several articles with our own tips & tricks to seed starting but this one is a bit more in-depth.  We start planning and prepping for seed starting when it's still chilly outside.


I like to use Coconut Coir for seed starting.  It's easy to use and less acidic than peat moss.  Seeds do not need any fertilizer in the beginning stages so it is best not to use compost or treated soil for seed germination.

I highly recommend our article Seed Starting with Coconut Coir Pellets

We also have a video

Coconut Coir Pellets or 6 Cell Germination trays work well for seed starting.  Use garden markers to label the seeds you've planted.  I hear from SO many gardeners that they forgot to label or lost their labels and they don't know what they planted!

We recently posted 2 video to help you get started

Sowing depth varies, depending on the germination needs of the plant, but generally most seeds are sown at a depth about twice their width. Some seeds require light to germinate and so require sowing on the soil surface. Once depth is determined, sow one to two seeds per pot and mist the soil surface with water so it's evenly moist.

Most seeds germinate best at temperatures between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.  Watering when the soil surface feels dry is sufficient, but empty any collected water from the drip tray within 30 minutes of irrigation to prevent soggy soil.



Some seedlings may have to be transplanted into larger pots to give them room to grow and develop their root systems. Handle the baby plants gently by their leaves, not stems or roots, and try to keep the tiny rootballs intact as you move plants to their new pots.

When watering seeds, I use either a spray bottle to moisten the soil or pour water into the reservoir so the soil wicks up the water.  Heavy-handed pouring can displace tiny seeds so it is best to use caution.

Kathryn at Little Bits of Heaven homestead mentioned her secret to avoid "dampening off" in her video Starting the Summer Garden & Cheap Seed Organization and it's cinnamon!  We use Cinnamon as well and it definitely helps.

Check on your plants once a day

Harden off your seedlings prior to transplanting outdoors.  Not sure how, we have an article  Hardening Off Seedlings

If you'd like to check out our very first video on seed starting, it's also on our youtube channel

If you have additional questions please give us a call or email

Happy Planting!


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