Heat Tolerant Heirloom Varieties Posted on 10 Jan 18:23 , 5 comments

One of the frequently asked questions we get at Mary's Heirloom Seeds is "will this grow in my area?"

HEAT tolerant crops are important to consider if you live in warmer climates.  It is also important o plant these according to your growing region.

*Not all of these varieties will grow year round or in the hottest days of the year.  This is a list of varieties that should do better than others in warmer regions*

Recommended Heirloom Varieties for Florida:

Love Lies Bleeding Amaranth & Red Garnet Amaranth

Arugula Roquette

Henderson Black Seeded Lettuce, Little Gem, Parris Island Cos, Merveille Des Quatre Saison (4 seasons) and Summer Bibb

Bush Beans: Blue Lake, JADE & Red Kidney

Pole Beans: Chinese Red Noodle Bean, Kentucky Wonder & Scarlet Runner

Beets: Early Wonder, Detroit Dark Red & Cylindra Formanova

Broccoli: Calabrese & Purple Early Sprouting

Brussels Sprouts: Long Island

Cabbage: Charleston Wakefield, New Jersey Wakefield & Savoy  Perfection

Carrots: Chantenay, Danver's & Scarlet Nantes

Chinese Cabbage: Dwarf Pak Choy & Pak Choy

Collards: Georgia Green & Morris Heading

Corn: Glass Gem, Hopi Blue, Mandan Bride & Oaxacan Green Dent

Sweet Corn: Stowell's Evergreen & Country Gentleman

Cucumber: ASHLEYMarketmore (slicer), National Pickling & Lemon Cucumber

Eggplant: Listada De Gandia & Black Beauty

Endive: Batavian

Kale: Vates Blue Curled & Lacinato (dino kale)

Kohlrabi: Purple Vienna

Mustard: Southern Giant & Giant Red

Okra: Clemson Spineless & Burgundy

Onions: Red Burgundy (bulbing) & Japanese Bunching

English/Snow Peas: Sugar Ann snap & Oregon Snow

Southern Peas: Purple Hull Pinkeye Pea & Black Eye, Pigeon Pea

Pretty much EVERY PEPPER but here are a few of our favorites...

Hot Peppers: Anaheim, Cayenne, ChiltepinYellow Scotch Bonnet, Chocolate Habanero & Jalapeno

Sweet Peppers: Cal Wonder, Golden Cal Wonder Bell, Golden Marconi & Pimiento

Pumpkin: Big Max, Connecticut Field, Seminole & Green Striped Cushaw

Radish: Diakon & German Giant

Spinach: Bloomsdale Longstanding, Giant Nobel & Malabar

Summer Squash: Black Beauty Zucchini, Golden Crookneck, Tomboncino & Yellow Scallop

Winter Squash: Spaghetti, Table Queen Acorn & Waltham Butternut

Swiss Chard: Fordhook & Rainbow


Tomatoes: MARGLOBEBrandywine, Cherokee Purple, Green Zebra, Homestead, Floradade, Mortgage Lifter & San Marzano

Wild Everglades Tomato

Turnips: Purple-Top Whiteglobe

Watermelon: Georgia Rattlesnake, Charleston Grey & Golden Midget



Sweet Basil



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Heat Tolerant Varieties for Your Garden Posted on 8 Jun 16:26 , 4 comments

For some of our customers it has been a very wet year.  For some it has been VERY hot and others very dry.  It's getting hot here so we thought it would be good to share heat tolerant crops.

We have a few older posts on our blog about heat tolerant crops but we thought it might be nice to offer an update.


OKRA is a heat-loving favorite!


PEPPERS love heat!


Amaranth thrives on heat.  Some varieties of Amaranth can be traced to the 1700s


Squash & Pumpkin are heat tolerant and easy to grow.


Heirloom Corn is a Summer favorite that's also heat tolerant.


Heirloom Tomatoes!  Some varieties such as Matt's Wild Cherry, Floradade, and Homestead are more heat tolerant than others



Mexican Sour Gherkin, also called Cucamelon, is a fun addition to the garden!




Malabar Spinach

Edible leaves grown from Malabar Spinach seeds can be used throughout summer and will flourish in heat and humidity. Young leaves of this herb plant can be cooked and added to recipes and fresh leaves make a great salad. Climbing to 10 feet or more, Malabar Spinach is a lovely vine for trellises and arbors. It is also commonly referred to as Climbing Spinach Vine, Red Vine Spinach or Creeping Spinach. The Malabar Spinach herb is one of the very few garden herbs that is a vining plant.







Watermelon plants love the heat, and need a long and warm growing season of at least 70 to 85 days, depending on the variety, to produce sweet fruit


If you have specific garden or seed related questions, please contact us via email at MARY@MARYSHEIRLOOMSEEDS.COM
Happy Planting!

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Heat Tolerant Veggies & More Posted on 12 Jul 07:55 , 0 comments

We're constantly adding to our gardens. Last week we planted Fordhook Giant Swiss Chard, Rainbow chard, German Giant radish, Garlic Chives, Dark Purple Opal basil and Mammoth Black Sunflower SEEDS.  If it's HOT in your region, here are a few suggestions for Heat Tolerant Veggies

**UPDATED May 27, 2018**

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PEPPERS love Heat!

AMARANTH thrives on heat!
Some varieties of Amaranth can be
traced back to the 1700s

Tomatoes grow well in the heat but require plenty of moisture.   
The Floradade tomatoes ability to with stand 90-100F temperatures and still produce heavy crops is legendary.  

Many BEAN varieties can withstand extreme conditions. Pole beans, in particular, climb with success in harsh temperatures with little moisture
Pumpkins are a warm-season vegetable that can be grown throughout much of the United States. They require a fairly long period (3 - 4 months) of hot weather and can not tolerate any frost

 Seminole Pumpkin

 which is an heirloom variety that can still be found growing wild in warm, humid environments, will stand up to sweltering summer heat.  
Luffa (Luffa aegyptiaca and Luffa acutangula), also known as loofah, vegetable sponge or dishcloth gourds, are grown mainly for their useful fibrous tissue skeleton. Young fruits can be eaten as squash, used in stews or even used in place of cucumbers.

 CORN grows plentiful in the heat!
Blue Corn are our favorites 

OKRA grows very well in the heat and can produce quite well in the summer.

is a vining
variety that does well in heat.

Malabar spinach is fast growing and tolerates high rainfall. This is a fast growing vine plant and produces best when trellised. Stem tips (6-8 inches) are harvested 55-70 days after seeding. Repeated harvests of new growth stems can be made through out the season.
German Giant and Early Scarlet are both heat tolerant

Beets are a great addition to your garden even if you're not particularly fond of their taste.  The Greens, often called root tops, are delicious!  You'll find beet greens in quite a few salad mixes.
We've grown both Detroit Dark Red and Chioggio thru the summers here and they've survived the heat 
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If you have additional questions please feel free to ask. 


Happy Planting,


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