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We currently offer over 850 varieties of Heirloom, open-pollinated, non-gmo & non-hybrid garden seeds.

Mary has signed the Safe Seed pledge


*Order Confirmations are sent to the email you enter at checkout* Please check your email(s) before contacting us about your order. Most seed orders are shipped within 1-3 days.

Shipping & Ordering

**Free shipping available on heirloom seed only orders within the US with a $20 Order minimum **

Otherwise, shipping starts at $4.50.

Not all items qualify for free shipping. Sprouts and larger items do not qualify for free shipping.

All orders are processed immediately.  We are unable to issue refunds or cancel orders after 6 hours​.

Please double check your shipping information you provide. We cannot make changes to orders once they have shipped.

If you have questions or concerns, please email us immediately 


Or call **new number** (903) 833-7333 for assistance



Processing of International orders may be delayed by several days.  Once your order ships, it could take up to 3-4 weeks to arrive, which we have no control over, as it depends on how long it takes the order to clear customs in your country.  International customers are responsible for checking with their local customs office to see what is, and is not permitted to be shipped to their area. We do not provide documentation for seeds.  We are not responsible, and cannot refund for seeds that are confiscated, destroyed, or returned by customs. You are also responsible for all taxes or customs your country may levy.


If you place two orders on the same day we can sometimes combine shipping for you, but cannot guarantee this.

Sometimes we get calls about lost packages that were delivered to the neighbor for safe keeping by the postman.  Please check with your neighbor or post office before calling. 

We do not replace or offer refunds for stolen packages


GARLIC ORDERS: Orders of seed garlic are not guaranteed. On occasion, there might be a crop failure or garlic that does not perform as well so it is rejected. We will make every attempt to offer a suitable replacement and notify you immediately if there are any issues.


Returns:  Once seeds leave our warehouse, we do not have any control of the conditions those seeds are stored or shipped under.  We strive to store our seeds in optimal conditions in order to ensure the highest quality of product for you, our customer.  Because we cannot guarantee the quality of seeds that are returned to us, we cannot resell any seeds that leave our warehouse.  Because of this, we do not accept returns of seeds.  This is to protect you and make sure that you have the highest quality product. We do not refund orders that are returned.

Purchaser’s exclusive compensation for loss or damage arising from purchase or use of seed from Seller shall be limited to an amount equal to the purchase price of such seed. There shall not be included any amount for incidental or consequential damages, nor for amounts expended in using or growing such seed, nor for harvesting the produce of such seed. This limitation of liability shall be applicable to any claims presented to Seller, regardless of the legal theory forming the basis of such claim, and whether such theory involves negligence, contractual liability or otherwise.


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