2017 Update for Organic Garlic

For planting dates, read WHEN TO PLANT GARLIC

Pre-Orders: July thru August 20th are scheduled to ship out October 1st

ALL Order placed after August 20th will ship out after October 30th. Organic garlic will be available for purchase until October 15th unless we are sold our before that date. *Subject to change*

All of our Garlic varieties are Certified organic and grown in the USA


As we ship on a first come, first serve basis, your order may not ship until days or weeks later. You will receive an email when your order ships. Last year we sold out in Mid-September and were unable to accept additional orders. 

Please purchase additional items in a separate order.  ALL orders containing organic garlic will ship TOGETHER after October 1st

We are unable to ship our garlic outside of the United states


Calculating Garlic Seed

Our Organic Garlic is sold by the bulb.  Depending on the variety, 1 bulb is approximately 4 ounces

One pound of Garlic seed equal approx  a 25 ft row with 4 inch spacing between plants.  For most garlic, expect an optimum 10 pound yield for each one pound planted.

Garlic is best planted in Fall.  In general, it is best to plant Garlic between late-September thru January.  By mid-October for colder climates.  Expect to harvest around June-July.

It is best to plant Organic Garlic in a place you have not previously planted in 3 years to avoid disease.  Organic Garlic needs fertile soil with plenty of drainage.