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Heat Tolerant Varieties for Your Garden

Heat Tolerant Varieties for Your Garden

Mary Smith |

For some of our customers it has been a very wet year.  For some it has been VERY hot and others very dry.  It's getting hot here so we thought it would be good to share heat tolerant crops.

We have a few older posts on our blog about heat tolerant crops but we thought it might be nice to offer an update.


OKRA is a heat-loving favorite!


PEPPERS love heat!


Amaranth thrives on heat.  Some varieties of Amaranth can be traced to the 1700s


Squash & Pumpkin are heat tolerant and easy to grow.


Heirloom Corn is a Summer favorite that's also heat tolerant.


Heirloom Tomatoes!  Some varieties such as Matt's Wild Cherry, Floradade, and Homestead are more heat tolerant than others



Mexican Sour Gherkin, also called Cucamelon, is a fun addition to the garden!




Malabar Spinach

Edible leaves grown from Malabar Spinach seeds can be used throughout summer and will flourish in heat and humidity. Young leaves of this herb plant can be cooked and added to recipes and fresh leaves make a great salad. Climbing to 10 feet or more, Malabar Spinach is a lovely vine for trellises and arbors. It is also commonly referred to as Climbing Spinach Vine, Red Vine Spinach or Creeping Spinach. The Malabar Spinach herb is one of the very few garden herbs that is a vining plant.







Watermelon plants love the heat, and need a long and warm growing season of at least 70 to 85 days, depending on the variety, to produce sweet fruit


If you have specific garden or seed related questions, please contact us via email at MARY@MARYSHEIRLOOMSEEDS.COM
Happy Planting!


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Love your articles and the information


We are located in Hawaii, in a very sunny and dry place. We rely on our irrigation. This is a helpful post for our garden.

And, because Iʻm interested in winning the Happy YT June Giveaway, my favorite bee friendly plant is the Black-Eyed Susan.

Thank you for offering such a great selection Mary. Congratulations on the growth of your business!

Happy Gardening All!!!!

Leah Aquino,

Great info. Nice tips.

Lowell Bryan,

Great stuff


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