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JUNE SEED SALE at Mary's Heirloom Seeds

Mary Smith |

We have a HUGE seed sale this month

Starting today, June 16th through June 28th we are offering quite a few heirloom seed varieties on sale. Some of these seed varieties can be planted now, planted for fall and even saved and stored to use next year. This is a great opportunity to stock up!

To view the specific information about each heirloom seed variety listed, click the image or text below.

Every order will also receive a free *extra* seed pack and a Mary's Heirloom Seeds sticker.


Blue Lake Pole  Dragon Tongue Cherokee Wax
Dwarf Taylor Jackson Wonder Lima Roma ll
Calico Popcorn Dakota Black Popcorn Golden Bantam Sweet


So many delicious and unique varieties to choose from during our June Seed Sale!

Long Scarlet Radish  China Rose Radish Red Romaine Lettuce
Ashley Lettuce Mache Fordhook Swiss Chard
Dwarf Blue Curled Kale Osaka Purple Mustard Mammoth Melting Pea


Calypso Tomato  Green Grape Tomato Moskvich Tomato
Red Cherry tomato Yellow Pear Tomato Sugar Pie Pumpkin
Black Futsu squash Cocozelle Zucchini Jumbo Pink squash
Bull's Blood Beet Early Wonder Beet Parisienne Carrot
Red Acre Cabbage Dwarf Pak Choy Golden Acre Cabbage
Ashley Cucumber Rocky Ford Melon Dixie Queen Watermelon
Dwarf Greek Basil Lettuce Leaf Basil Jalapeno Pepper
Garlic Chives Black Eyed Susan Lance Leaf Coreopsis
Maximilian Sunflower Cape Gooseberry Eggplant Medley - MIX



If you have additional questions, please feel free to ask!
Email: mary@marysheirloomseeds.com




First time growing my own garden so I’ll be testing out different pollination plants this year so I don’t have a favorite yet!


I’m excited to try dragon tongue beans!

Deanna Palumbo,

I love having a place to get clean quality seeds.

Theresa Aswad,

My Armenian cukes finally have fruit on them . My luffa has 1luffa and tons of flowers. Thanks Mary!

Jane Cornwell,

My favorite pollinator-friendly plant is sunflowers.

Jordan Leann Weston,

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