Golden Bantam Sweet Corn

$ 3.00

90 days.  Original 8-Row Bantam Sweet Corn

The plant yields lots of ears up to 7" long.

Equally suited for freezing and fresh-eating

Contains 50 heirloom seeds.

*NEW ARRIVAL* for 2020

Corn requires rich, fertile soil. Add compost or well rotted manure in fall. Consider planting a legume cover crop the season before corn to help meet the nutrient needs of this heavy feeder. Make first planting after last frost date. Soil should be at least 65 F for fast germination. (Corn will not germinate if soil temperature is less than 55 F.) To speed increase in soil temperature, consider covering soil with black plastic for several weeks before planting. Plant seeds 1" deep and 4 to 6" apart in rows 30 to 36" apart. Thin to 8 to 12" spacing when plants are 3 to 4" tall