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Mary's Garden Gift Guide for 2023

Mary's Garden Gift Guide for 2023

Mary Smith |

October 15, 2022

The announcement is finally here!!! We have all new seed combo packs and starter kits available for 2023 in our new Garden Gift Guide. Some of the kits and combo packs listed below are customer favorites we are highlighting and some are brand new for 2023.

To view the specific information about each kit of combo pack listed, click the image or text below.


Mary's Heirloom Tomato Seed Collection

If you're looking for an amazing combination of Heirloom Tomato seeds available from Mary's Heirloom Seeds you have definitely found it!
All heirloom tomato seeds listed are individually packaged in compostable envelopes.


Homesteader's Comprehensive Seed Collection

In the last few months, many of our friends and customers have asked for a larger seed combo pack. This is a great combo pack to grow a large garden, share with your community or even store for your future garden.
This is the largest, most comprehensive seed collection we have offered to date with 128 seed packs.


Pollinator Garden Seed Combo Pack

January is PLANT FOR POLLINATORS month at Mary's Heirloom Seeds. We chose January because so many gardeners are in the planning phase for the next growing season. We use this month to educate about the benefits of planting for pollinators.


3 Sisters Garden Seed Combo Pack

The Three Sisters method of growing is one of many ways to use Companion Planting in your garden.  This method was used by Native Americans and taught to early colonial settlers.

This seed combo pack include 4 varieties of individually packaged seeds. All of our seed envelopes are compostable.


Heirloom Bean "Soup" Seed Combo

Bean soup or Bean Stew is a winter favorite. Along with our Food Storage Prepping in the garden series on Mary's YouTube Channel, we are creating a dry bean seed combo pack.

All of the beans listed are individually packaged seeds. This is not a single "mixed pack" of heirloom beans seeds.


Medicinal Herb Seed Combo Pack (updated)

Our Medicinal herb garden combo pack consists of standard-sized packets of the herb seeds that we consider to be useful for growing plants for first-aid.


Mary's Heirloom Seeds Towels

We have 2 different designs available on these super soft towels!


Easy Garden Seed Starter Kit *with Root Boost* New to gardening and not sure where to start? 

Looking for a fun gift idea for just about any age?  We can help!



 *Updated for 2023*


Get Growing Starter Pack with Towel


 Easy to grow and wonderful to eat. 

This pack contains a good variety of easy to grow seeds at a great value.


We also offer E-GIFT CARDS


Yes, the picture I used for the gift cards is silly. My sister made me a bunch of "hey girl" memes for my birthday and they're all funny.


No garden gift guide would be complete without...

"A Few of My Favorite Things"

I created a special seed combo pack of "A Few of My Favorite Things." Each variety of seeds is individually packed.


We also offer a few specialty combos and kits




Mary's Salad Greens Combo Pack


Mary's Basil Seed Collection


This is just a sampling of what we offer at Mary's Heirloom Seeds. For a complete list, please check out




If you have additional questions, please feel free to ask!
Email: mary@marysheirloomseeds.com





Nice selection, I will be checking for what I need.


These look like great gifts! Excited to get growing!


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