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Day 8 Transplanting Seedlings

Day 8 Transplanting Seedlings

Mary Smith |

We're so excited to be Transplanting Seedlings today into our garden. 

Thank you for joining us for Day 8 of our series Grow Your Own Food in 100 Days or Less at Mary's Heirloom Seeds.

Today we have a 4x8 raised bed that has already been filled with aged manure and soil.  We're transplanting Dakota Black Popcorn, Blue Lake Bush Beans and Yellow Scallop Squash.  **Once we finished filming we also planted Genovese basil**

Here's our video to get started

Transplanting Seedlings
Since our seedlings were grown outside 100% of the time, we did not need to harden off before transplanting.  If you are transplanting seedlings that were grown indoors, I recommend starting with our article Day 7 Hardening Off Seedlings

First, whether you're planting in-ground, in containers or raised beds,water the garden area BEFORE you transplant seedlings.  I like to give it a good soaking.

Plan out what seedlings you want to transplant and where they're going.

When we transplant I use 2 soil amendments, Mountain Flower Root Boost (5-4-2) and Micronized Azomite.  Another option would be to feed and Organic Liquid fertilizer or Kelp Tea.  We do this to cut down on shock to the plants.

For this, I used approximately 1 tablespoon Mountain Flower Root Boost and 2 tablespoons Azomite in each hole before transplanting.  Prior to transplanting I did not add fertilizer to the bed.  You'll need to adjust your own garden accordingly

Gently squeeze the bottom of the cup/container to loosen soil and roots.

Do not pull on the stem to remove the seedling from the container.  I prefer to tip over in my hand and loosen the seedling from the base of the container

If you are transplanting seedlings in Coconut Coir Pellets, do not remove the outer mesh.  Transplant the entire pellet into the soil and cover completely.

Once you've placed the seedling in the hole, gently cover with soil and water very well.

All of our starter cups and containers are washed and re-used for our next planting.  You can use almost any recycled container to start seedlings.

Stay tuned for more info on growing your own food!
Thank you for joining us for another day of Grow Your Own Food in 100 Days or Less.  If you have additional questions please send an email to mary@marysheirloomseeds.com

Happy Planting!


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