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Planting Wildflowers in FALL

Planting Wildflowers in FALL

Mary Smith |

It's no secret, I love to plant seeds.  Wildflowers are a favorite since they add so much color to the garden and attract beneficial insects and beautiful pollinators.  Wondering what to plant in FALL?
Planting Time in Mild-Winter Areas
If you live in an area with minimal or no winter frosts (parts of California, Florida, southern Texas or parts of the South West) you can plant wildflowers any time, however, the hottest time of the year is not recommended. It is best to take advantage of the rains and plant in the fall when the rain begins. 

Planting Time in Cold-Zones
If you live in snow zones or areas with bitter-cold winters, it is best to wait and plant in the spring or some even say you can plant in fall. The advantage of planting in the fall is you will see those blooms earlier than if spring planted.
Fall Planting - Timing - best to wait until after a good hard frost. The seeds will not sprout until the spring when the soil has warmed up enough for germination.
Unless specifically buying a shade-loving mix, wildflowers like full sun. But they don’t like soggy, wet feet, so a good draining location is a must.
Give your pollinators a good food source and enjoy the long lasting blooms in your garden or backyard.
Just a few from our HUGE selection of pollinator-friendly varieties include
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We have an older article that I share over and over because it is still VERY relevant Plant for Pollinators and Increase Crop Yields

"Scientists concluded that an almond tree can compensate for the lack of nutrients and water in the short term by storing the nutrients and water in the fruits instead, but cannot compensate for insufficient pollination" 


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