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NEW Seeds are 99 Cents A pack thru 1/14/17

NEW Seeds are 99 Cents A pack thru 1/14/17

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99 Cent Seed pack Sale from Mary's Heirloom Seeds

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January 10, 2017
I know it sounds crazy to offer a sale during our super busy season but I'm just SUPER EXCITED to offer these new varieties

If you have additional question, please ask
99 Cent Heirloom Seed packs

These are all new (to us) heirloom seed varieties added today.
Each variety listed below is ON SALE thru Saturday, January 14th at midnight EST

 Flame lettuce has a mild flavor and will add real color to any salad bowl.

Nice bush form that will not take up tons of space like the standard Buttercup form.
These turban type fruits have dark green skin with some light green/creamish lines running longitudinally.
Sweet, orange, string-less flesh. Usually between 3-4 fruits at 3 - 5 lb each. 
Great storage squash and a New England favorite.


 Neon, hot pink chard is so pretty and is perfect picked small for salads or larger for braising.

Ebony Acorn is a delicious dark acorn type squash that is early and second only in flavor to Hubbard.  It is adapted for use all over the United States.
Prolific 8' vines produce 1.5-2lb fruits that have thick walls and a small seed cavity. 
The flesh is deep-orange, fine-textured, tender, dry and sweet. 
More productive and larger-fruited than table queen.  Does well in poor soil conditions.

40 days.   A deep merlot colored leaf resembling an oak leaf with deep lobes. 
Excellent for baby leaf production.  Unlike some other reds, oakleaf maintains a mild flavor throughout the lettuce season.  Resistance to common mildews.
An old favorite summer squash from the South of France.  24-30" tall and 18" spread.  The flesh of this round, green zucchini is very tender and fine flavored, making it an ideal squash for stuffing.

JUST A REMINDER....This sale starts 1/10/17 and ends January 14th @ midnight EST

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As always, if you have additional questions please feel free to ask!

If you have additional questions please feel free to ask. 
Happy Planting,
Mary's Heirloom Seeds, P. O. Box 3763, Ramona, CA 92065

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