This Holistic House "Veggie Sampler Lite"

$ 65.50 $ 70.50

Our This Holistic House "Veggie Sampler Lite" was created as a special seed combo pack for This Holistic House and their Central Florida Vegetable Gardening Design and Guide.

The garden design is separate from the seeds. We do not sell the garden design, only the seeds.

But really, it's an AMAZING seed combo pack for just about any backyard gardener

Wildflower SouthEast Mix

African Daisy

Zinnia Mix



French Marigold


Mammoth Grey Stripe Sunflower


Genovese Basil

Golden Cal Wonder Bell Pepper

Calabrese Broccoli

Tatume Squash

Golden Acre Cabbage

Rainbow Carrots Mix

White Scallop Bush Squash

Seminole Pumpkin

Lady Finger Southern Pea

Armenian Cucumber

Everglades tomato or Mexico Midget

Alaska Pea

Oriental Yard Long Bean

Lacinato Kale

Jericho Lettuce


Cherokee Purple Tomato

Golden Midget Watermelon