Chile de Arbol

$ 2.50

90-100 days. Capsicum Annuum

Chiles de Arbol means "tree chili" in Spanish. Other names for this pepper include bird's beak chilies or rat's tail chilies.

The Chile de Arbol Pepper has a bold, smoky flavor that is great for different sauces. This pepper variety produces a bush that can reach 3-4'. These peppers look similar to the long and thin cayenne peppers.

Chile De Arbol Peppers are typically dried and produces the best flavor when you dry them.

Heat Level15,000-30,000 Scoville heat units (Although some report these to be up to 60,000!) 

Contains 15 heirloom seeds

*NEW ARRIVAL* for 2022

Start seeds indoors 8-12 weeks before last frost date.  Bury seeds 1/16 deep - keep room constant 70 degrees.  Germination might be erratic as seeds can take up to 4 weeks to germinate.
Don't over water seeds or they will turn to mush