Blue Speckled Tepary Beans

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80 days.  Tepary Beans were used for many generations by many Native American cultures as a staple and reliable food crop. 

Over the years they were selected to be more drought tolerant and heat tolerant.  (However, they do not like wet heavy clay soils.  They need good drainage.)

Tepary beans are much higher in fiber and protein that other beans. 

The flavor and texture is deep, meaty and dense. Growth habit is semi-bush with runners.  

Blue Speckled is believed to be a seed race of Mayan decent.

Contains 15 heirloom seeds

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Teresa A Feemster
Sauted Blue Speckled Tepary Beans

I ❤ my Blue Speckled Tepary beans! ❤
Sauted Tepary Beans
Wash and rinse the fresh shelled beans, cover with water and set aside. (Or soak dry beans until double in size, rinse and drain.)
Dice an onion and a red bell pepper (or any pepper you choose)...saute the pepper and onion until the onion is translucent. Drain the beans and add them to the onion and pepper, cover with vegetable broth. Simmer until most of the liquid is gone, stirring occasionally until the beans are tender.
A very meaty texture and slightly sweet. A unique taste, reminiscent of baked beans without the need for brown sugar.