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If you're new to growing Garlic, you might want to read our first article How to Plant Organic Garlic.  One important factor in planting garlic is PLANNING AHEAD.  First, because garlic takes 6 months or more to grow so you'll need a suitable spot.  Second because organic garlic bulbs are not available year-round.  There is usually a short window to purchase "seed garlic" and then it's gone.

At Mary's Heirloom Seeds we offer "pre-orders" of Organic Garlic from July thru August 20th.  This allows customers to reserve their garlic in advance before we have a chance to sell out.  We continue to accept orders of Organic Garlic thru October 15th but there is always a chance that we'll sell out before that date.

From our article How to Plant Organic Garlic,

"Fall is the time to plant for best yields and highest quality bulbs. Generally plant in September–January. In very cold areas, plant by mid-October, and protect your crop with a thick layer of mulch such as straw. Expect to harvest it in June–July.  One lb of garlic seed equals approx. a 25' row with 4" spacing between plants. For most garlic varieties, expect an optimum 10 lb yield for each pound planted."


Please remember that these are "suggested" dates. You'll find that different sources might have different dates.  I tend to be a bit of a rebel gardener so I sometimes plant earlier and sometimes later.

Central Midwest: October
Gulf Coast: October thru November
Maritime Canada & New England: October
Mid Atlantic: October
North Central & Rockies: Late September and into October
Pacific Northwest: Late September and into October.  Early November in a pinch
Southern Interior: October
Southwest: October thru November

Alaska: September
Hawaii: Late September thru October
San Diego: October thru November

North Florida: October thru February
Central Florida: October thru February
South Florida: October thru February
**October thru December might give you a better chance at a successful crop**

Stay tuned for our next article about growing Organic Garlic.  We're going to share about the different types of garlic and give you a few extra tips about growing them in your backyard food garden!

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