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Pollinator Protection Patch

Pollinator Protection Patch

Mary Smith |

This might be one of our most exciting projects ever!  We are thrilled to dedicate this huge patch of the property for the pollinators that visit our veggie gardens.

 This patch is approx 30 ft by 130 ft!

What is a Pollinator Protection Patch?

This is our Pollinator sanctuary.
Pollinators require two essential components in their habitat: somewhere to nest and flowers from which to gather nectar and pollen.
We've shared about the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge in the past.  This is our way of expanding on that idea while expanding our pollinator garden.



Why are we planting for Pollinators?

There are hundreds (probably thousands) or articles available online about the importance of pollinators for crop production.
One recent concern a customer mentioned to us was blossoms forming and then falling off their squash plants.  In this case, the issue is most likely a lack of pollination.

You don't have to plant a large area to successfully attract pollinators to your garden.  It can be done by simply interplanting flowers and herbs in your current garden or setting aside a place dedicated to pollinator friendly plants.

We have decided to dedicate this large of a space because we are fortunate to have the extra room.  Most importantly, we do not use chemicals or sprays that would harm pollinators on ANY part of the property.


What are we planting in our

Pollinator Protection Patch?

This was a tough decision because honestly I wanted to plant ALL of the flowers!

First, we're starting with a
region-specific wildflower mix

A few other pollinator-friendly varieties we're planting include:

An annual, lemon flavored variety. Superb tea plant; striking pink-purple flowers, beautiful and tasty.

The flavor of Borage is similar to a cucumber.  Borage has bright blue, star-shaped flowers that explode in a blue profusion all summer attracting honey bees.

Sunflowers are easy to grow and hardy plants







Specifically Zinnia Mix because I love the colors!

We might add a few others as this project progresses such as Purple Coneflower.  Stay tuned for updates!

I hope you have enjoyed another educational article.  If you have additional questions, please leave a comment below or send an email to mary@marysheirloomseeds.com


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1 comment

This is so amaizing!! I love this idea! I actually planted sunflowers this year so that my cucumbers could climb up them (I hope). I would love to plant some others though, and your list is amazing!

Visiting from #TuesdayswithaTwist



Amy @ The Quiet Homemaker,

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