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We're so excited to announce more NEW (to us) Heirloom Tomato varieties at Mary's Heirloom Seeds!

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December 15, 2016
Did you enjoy our recent article and tutorial about Making Your Own Elderberry Syrup?
That was fun!  Elderberry syrup is great to have around this time of year.

This week we've added quite a few NEW (to us) Heirloom Tomato varieties!
If you have additional question, please ask


*We're busy packing up new seeds this week and deliveries are a bit slower across the country.*

85-95 days. Indeterminate.  This heirloom tomato variety can grow to over 1 pound fruits and are delicious. They have brilliant, neon-green flesh with a strong, sweet, and fruity flavor, much tastier than most red tomatoes. This family heirloom from Germany is beautiful.

85 days.  Stunning, perfectly shaped, deep purplish-brown fruit that are almost black. A great variety for both home gardeners and chefs. This paste-type tomato looks like a Roma tomato but has the taste profile of a Beefsteak tomato, with sweet, rich, and earthy flavors.


70 days. This Oxheart type Italian heirloom has been a favorite in Italy for many years. Beautiful 12-oz. fruit have a delicious sweet taste; similar to the shape of a heart; great for fresh eating or cooking. Large vigorous vines.


70-75 days. Determinate. Here is a stunning tomato, an elongated paste tomato that is creamy white to pale yellow in color. The sweet flavor should be a hit with gourmet chefs. Bushy plants are quite productive.  Great for containers.

80-85 days. Indeterminate.  Produces large, up to 1-lb, creamy white fruit, this tomato is wonderful. The medium-tall plants are less viney and mature earlier than other white heirloom tomato varieties.
80-85 days. Indeterminate 
Hillbilly is a stunning bicolor beefsteak tomato, excellent for slicing. These hefty, yellow-gold 1 pound tomatoes are streaked with red on the blossom end. Hillbilly is sweet and juicy, great for slicing.
Heavy production means it needs sturdy staking.


90 days. Indeterminate.  This famous tomato has almost a cult following among seed collectors and tomato connoisseurs. They simply cannot get enough of this variety's amazing flavor that is so distinctive, sweet and smokey. 7-10 oz. fruit are a black-brick color.
Named in honor of Paul Robeson, an equal rights advocate. This Russian heirloom was lovingly named in his honor.
As this tomato variety originates from Russia, and sets fruits at lower temps, it is an excellent choice for cooler growing regions.

80days.  Indeterminate.  Plant produces high yields of large 4" long purplish-black plum tomatoes.  Delicious purplish, egg-shaped fruit are smooth and perfect.
This variety will make market gardeners and chefs happy, as this Ukrainian heirloom is at the top of its class and a favorite of our grower. The plants are very productive; fruit weigh about 6 ounces.

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As always, if you have additional questions please feel free to ask!
This data has been compiled from our own research as well as feedback from our customers.
If you have additional questions please feel free to ask. 
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