Food Storage Prepping in the Garden: Intro Posted on 4 Sep 04:45 , 3 comments

Welcome to Food Storage Prepping in the Garden!

We have a few very important videos coming soon but today is just an intro.  I will be sharing info on specific crops to grow for food storage and sharing WHY I recommend them. I have been meaning to share something like this and was prompted by a customer email and a video from Elbon Mills Farm



First, the customer email: I'm looking to gather up some of the last supplies for Emergency prep. Can you put together whatever you think would be ideal. To have on hand for a mix or short and long term prep?

I saw your homestead package that looked great.


Answer: Our Homestead pack is perfect for both long term and short term.  For example, Asparagus and Artichoke need 1 to 3 years to establish while the greens can be planted and harvested in 30-60 days.

 Also, we have a 10% discount code for 2021 on all seed combo packs 

Homestead Seed Collection

Garden Starter Pack (easy to grow and a great value)

Mary's Salad Greens (fast maturing and easy to grow)

Rainbow Garden Pack (a good selection of veggies to harvest in 60-100 days)

Culinary and Medicinal herbs are also a great choice for a prepper garden. We have 2 in particular that are customer favorites

"In the Kitchen" Herb Garden

Herbal Tea Garden Seed Combo Pack


Outside of combo packs, there are a few crops that I call "double duty crops" because they are versatile. 

Here comes the IMPORTANT PART...having a stockpile of seeds but not knowing how to use them is not ideal.

If you are prepping for any reason, you should understand the seed, plant and storage of your collection. I have been up front on many occasions that the "survival seed packs" that claim they last indefinitely give people a false sense of security.

First, because seeds have a shelf life. Second, because if you aren't growing in good times, it's gonna be harder in rough times.

I have an article I wrote in 2017 about 15 Survival Seeds to Stockpile. Some seeds like parsnips have a very short shelf life. Some seeds like Tomatoes have a much longer shelf life. STORAGE is so important. Moisture, light and temp can degrade seed quality. If you are new to gardening, start with EASY and veggies that you like to eat

If you are not new to gardening, Choose varieties that did really well for you.

Elbon Mills mentioned Royalty purple podded beans because they were easy to grow and easy to pick because the stand out on the plant.

I hope you enjoyed our Intro to Food Storage Prepping in the Garden. Stay tuned for more!


If you have additional questions, please feel free to ask!