Extra Dwarf Pak Choy Cabbage

$ 2.50

33 days.   Irresistible baby pak choy cabbage. Great for salads and stir fry. 

Pak Choy is fast growing and great for winter-time greenhouse growing.

Contains approx 100 heirloom seeds

Customer Reviews

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So delicious

I’m in zone 9b and I planted these later than usual but My daughter made teriyaki chicken with Pak Choy, mushrooms and broccoli and it was delicious. This will be a staple every fall for us now. I only have 2 as I wasn’t even sure they would germinate since it was already getting warm. I’m so glad I tried this. Yummm 😋

Loved this little gem

I planted this in late summer / autumn. I'm in Texas zone 8 and was 'testing' this along with broccoli, lettuces, beets and other autumn seasonal plants that were recommended for my area. These did fantastic!! They even handled the colder nights as well as frost (I did cover them). They are crispy, flavorful and great raw or cooked. I will be planting them again.

Ray White
The best Pak Choi ever

Extra Dwarf Pak Choi is a winner in my garden. I'm in zone 8b and have had plenty of problems growing cabbage of any kind. But Extra Dwarf is easy for me to grow--so easy it will even re-seed itself if allowed to form seed pods after it bolts. The only problem growing it is that it tends to bolt at the first hint of heat, but only in Spring after being planted the previous fall. I plant it in Fall and harvest tender, delicious leaves for stir fry and salads all winter long. Then in the Spring I allow the best plant or two to bolt and form seed which I save for the next planting. Right now it's June and we're hitting 100 degrees and my volunteer bok choi is up and thriving. I'll put up shade cloth and see if I can get a summer crop--which I've never tried to do before.