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This Week @ Mary's Heirloom Seeds

This Week @ Mary's Heirloom Seeds

Mary Smith |

So much excitement here!  We are planting for FALL and preparing a few new beds for Organic Garlic! What's growing in your garden?

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September 12, 2016

If you are receiving an email from Mary's Heirloom Seeds for the first time, WELCOME!
You most likely entered our recent giveaway or placed an order thru our website.

If this isn't your first email, Awesome!
Thanks for sticking around!

First let's get to the winners of our most recent seed giveaway.  I sent out emails early this morning and I'm just waiting to hear back from one of our winners.

The Winners of our 10K Celebration are
Anne S.
Angela H.


In case you didn't win, we have a few specials available this week only.  You'll find loads of helpful planting info and Seed Deals below.  Enjoy!

Mary's Heirloom Seeds  

The items listed below are on sale thru
Saturday, September 17th

"In the Kitchen" Herb Garden Kit 

This is a great starter kit for your Kitchen Herb Garden.  Includes a full-pack of the following varieties:
Genovese Basil, Cilantro, Dill Vierling, Oregano, Sage, Tarragon & Thyme 


Easy to grow and wonderful to eat.  This pack contains a large variety of seeds  for a very low cost.  13 seeds from 13 varieties. 

Herb Garden Starter Kit 

"The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go."  
-Dr. Seuss, I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!
It is an amazing experience to learn new things!
Each kit includes
-Seeds: Basil, Dill, Cilantro, Chervil and Oregano
-20 coconut Coir Pellets
-Plant Markers
-Sowing and Growing Tips included

Organic Garden Starter Pack 

An excellent starter pack!  Includes 8 varieties of organic, non-GMO seeds (25 seeds per packs), Coconut Coir seed starting pellets,  Plant Markers, organic plant food and detailed growing instructions
-Seeds: Atomic Red Carrot, Little Gem Lettuce, Roma Tomato, Blue Lake Bush Beans, Lacinato Kale (aka Dino Kale), Marketmore Cucumber, Early Scarlet Globe Radish and Black Beauty Zucchini
-8 ounces Organic Plant Food 3-4-4 
-8 ounces Azomite - essential trace minerals 
-Options: 24 OR 50 Coconut Coir Pellets


  • Give Plants the Vital Minerals They need to Thrive
  • Great soil additive for all plants
Azomite rock dust is a naturally mined volcanic rock composed of over 70 minerals and trace elements that are essential for optimal plant health. The rock formation in Utah from which Azomite is mined was formed when volcanic ash merged with sea water. This mixture of volcanic ash and sea water created a unique source of trace minerals and elements that moist soils are void of. Just like humans, plants require many minerals to reach peak health and vigor. Re-mineralize your soil with Azomite and your plants will thank you and reward you!

Growing Tips, Tutorials & Videos   


If you have additional questions please feel free to ask. 

Happy Planting,

Mary's Heirloom Seeds, P. O. Box 3763, Ramona, CA 92065


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