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We LOVE Giveaways!!!!  As promised, we reached 10,000 followers on our FB page so Mary's Heirloom Seeds is sponsoring another GIVEAWAY!  Are you ready???

This is a super simple giveaway with loads of seeds!  We will pick THREE (3) winners on Monday, September 12th.
Giveaway runs from NOW thru Sunday, September 11th at midnight.

We have 3 different prizes for 3 different winners!

Our FIRST pick will receive a mega-pack of seeds and supplies!
A total value of over $70!!

The grand prize includes our
Fall Garden Seed Combo Pack,
Our unique selection of cool-weather crops is perfect for your fall garden.  This combo pack Includes 7 varieties of individually packed seeds.
-Arugula (100)
-Russian Red Kale (100)
-Early Scarlet Globe Radish (100)
-Bloomsdale Longstanding Spinach (100)
-Calabrese Broccoli (100)
-Dwarf Pak Choy Cabbage (100)
-Fennel (100)

Produces a diversity of gorgeous translucent, jewel-colored ears, each one unique. A stunning corn variety selected over many years by Carl "White Eagle" Barnes, a part-Cherokee farmer and breeder from Oklahoma.

Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean
Pole Bean variety.  Introduced in 1864, this bean was originally known by the name 'Old Homestead.'  What made the 'Kentucky Wonder' a wonder was, in part, its size. The beans are extraordinarily long.

Genovese Basil
Fantastic Italian herb.  This variety of Sweet Basil seeds produce extremely tender and fragrant herb plants. Genovese Basil has extra-large, dark green leaves and is often used in Italian pesto. Genovese Basil typically grows to a height of 18 - 24 inches.
Great for pesto!

 24 Coconut Coir Pellets, Plant Markers
Coconut coir growing medium comes from the coconut's fibrous husk (known as coir) that is bound together by lignin (known as pith).  With the addition of water, coir expands to an easy to work with growing medium. The addition of water increases the volume 3 to 9 times, depending on the packaging of products. This process results in a 100% organic, biodegradable growing medium, making it a natural and safe growth medium of choice for growers

Organic Alfalfa Meal (1 lb) plant food 
Derived from leguminous perennial alfalfa plant used for pasture and cover crop. Primary benefit of this pleasant smelling meal is increasing organic matter, although it is also a valuable plant-derived fertilizer.

 Calcium Soil Amendment (1 lb)
Calcium is a component of plant cell walls, and it’s needed for enzyme formation and nitrate uptake. Organic calcium can also be used to help neutralize excessively acidic soils, which is especially important when you’re growing green, leafy vegetables like lettuce and spinach, or cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and kale.

Our Second Lucky winner will receive our "In the Kitchen" Garden Herb Pack

This is a great starter kit for your Kitchen Herb Garden.  Includes a full-pack of the following varieties:
-Genovese Basil
-Dill Vierling

Our Third Lucky winner will receive our Mary's Green Machine Combo Pack
Includes one FULL PACK of the following varieties:
-Arugula "Roquette"
-Catalogna Puntarelle Dandelion
-Russian Red Kale
-Little Gem Lettuce
-Rainbow Swiss Chard

That's over 700 Seeds!!  SAVE on GREENS when you purchase our combo pack!
About Mary's Heirloom Seeds

Mary's Heirloom Seeds is a "mom and pop" small business created out of a desire to help people become more sustainable and self-sufficient. Our customers know that we are a simple phone call or email away

We currently offer over 350 varieties of Heirloom, open-pollinated, non-gmo non-hybrid, non-patented,  untreated and organic seeds.   Mary has signed the Safe Seed pledge AND the the Declaration of Seed Freedom. 

Are you ready to enter the giveaway?

Giveaway is open to all Residents of the US and Canada.
Giveaway opens 9/08/2016 and ends Sunday, September 11th at Midnight.
All giveaway entrants will be added to Mary's Heirloom Seeds mailing list.
Your information is never sold and we never send spam emails.

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