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We are working on adding more helpful, seed specific articles to our planting guides.  Different seeds sometimes require different environments  for optimal germination.

For germination techniques, check out The Wonder of Seeds and Germination.

In this tutorial, we are sharing the germination times for different seed varieties under optimal conditions.


Amaranth: 4-10 days

Artichoke: 10-21 days

Asparagus: 21-28 days

Beans: 8-10 days

Beets: 5-8 days to

Broccoli: 10-14 days

Brussels Sprouts: 5-12 days

Cabbage: 5-8 days

Carrots: 14-21 days (or more)

Cauliflower: 10-14 days

Celery: 14-21 days

Chard: 7-14 days

Collards: 5-10 days

Corn: 5-14 days

Cucumber: 3-10 days

Eggplant: 7-14 days

Endive: 14-21 days

Gourd: 7-30 days

Kale: 5-10 days

Kohlrabi: 3-10 days

Lettuce: 5-14 days to germinate

Leek: 10-14 days

Mustard: 5-10 days

Okra: 2-14 days to germinate

Onion: 4-10 days to germinate

Orach: 7-14 days

Parsnips: 14-21 days

Peas: 7-21 days to germinate

Peppers: 7-21 days to germinate

SUPER HOTS may take longer: 21 days or even 28 days

Pumpkin: 5-10 days to germinate

Purslane: 7-10 days

Quinoa: 4-10 days

Radicchio: 5-10 days

Radish: 3-7 days to germinate

Rhubarb: 7-14 days

Rutabaga: 4-7 days

Squash/Zucchini: 7-10 days to germinate

Spinach: 7-14 days to germinate

Tomatillo & Ground Cherry: 7-10 days to germinate

Tomato: 7-14 days to germinate

Turnip: 3-10 days


Borage: 5-14 days

Cornflower: 7-10 days

Marigold: 3-14 days

Nasturtium: 10-14 days

Sunflower: 6-10 days


Melon: 4-10 days

Strawberry: 7 days to 4 weeks

Watermelon: 3-10 days


This list will continue to GROW as we add more varieties.


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