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NEW ARRIVALS for 2019 (part 2)

NEW ARRIVALS for 2019 (part 2)

Mary Smith |

Before we get started I want to share this BEAUTIFUL Glass Gem corn I harvested this morning!


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October 7, 2018

As promised, we are announcing even more
New Arrivals for 2019!
This puts us well over 600 Heirloom seed varieties now available at Mary's Heirloom Seeds.
We're shipping out more orders of garlic bulbs this week as well.  Enjoy!
(part 2)
If you missed our first announcement,
CLICK HERE to see all of our
55 days. Ruby Queen is an early beet variety producing round, red roots with a smooth texture.
Ruby Queen beet performs well in poor soil and holds its shape well in crowded situations.
75 days. This vigorous, 7 foot tall variety made Oregon's Willamette Valley famous in the 60s and 70s for canning beans. The smooth, 6-7 inch, dark green pods have a canning jar straight, round shape. Harvested at their peak, you'll find them tender, meaty, and full of hearty, fresh bean flavor

 Trifolium incarnatum Grows 1-3' tall.
Crimson clover produces more forage at low temperatures than other clovers.
With its rapid, robust growth, crimson clover provides early spring nitrogen for full-season crops. Rapid fall growth, or summer growth in cool areas, also makes it a top choice for short-rotation niches as a weed suppressing green manure.
85-95 Days.  A family heirloom that has been preserved for generations. Roundish, maroon-and-white beans are great in soups, where their creamy texture and hearty, nutty flavor really shine. 
Pole type plants yield an abundance of pods, each containing 5 to 6 beans.
 61-120 days. Creel Crowder Pea is a family heirloom from Alabama.  6 in. curved pods turn golden yellow when dry, large brown seeds. Semi-vining plants, very productive!
85 days.  This Oregon heirloom was selected by Pike and Young Seeds in Monmouth, Oregon in the 1930's.  Produces 3 lb fruits on unirrigated clay, 7 lb fruits on good irrigated soil.  Originally bred specially for growing in unirrigated clay soil. Heavily netted, oblong fruits. Vigorous, high-yielding, disease-resistant plants. 
95 days. (Indeterminate)
A beefsteak tomato that produces large pink fruits, which grow up to 2 pounds, this strain was obtained by tomato collector Ben Quisenberry of Big Tomato Gardens from Dorris Sudduth Hill, whose family grew it for over 100 years.


Also spelled Louffa, Louffah and Loffah 
Heirloom from 1888.  The fruit grows about 2', and the vine is very ornamental, producing clusters of yellow blossoms, in pleasing contrast with the silvery-shaded, dark green foliage.  
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