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Mary Smith |

I love these announcements!!!
We've added MORE new heirloom seeds @ Mary's Heirloom Seeds!

Greens and squash are a few of our garden favorites.  They are easy to grow and usually offer a tremendous harvest.  Swiss Chard for example can be harvested for months (even a year).  Our squash is usually so prolific that we are constantly giving it away by the bucketful!

Take a look at these beautiful new varieties. 

They're only 99 cents a pack thru MARCH 1st.

COCONUT COIR PELLETS are also on sale thru March 15


45 days.  Bibb is a fabulous tasting lettuce that is crisp, clean and easy to grow.  Bibb will hold longer in the heat than  Buttercrunch Bibb, yet still grows quickly in our cool weather.

 90 days.  Banana Melon produces a fruit that is long (18"-20") and shaped sort of like a torpedo.  Not what you would normally think of as a melon shape.  Fruit can weigh in excess of 5lbs. It has blue-grey skin that turns yellow as it matures.  Banana melons are smooth with very little netting.  In 1889 it was commonly available at farmer's markets in Philadelphia, New York and Boston.

An early ball-head type heirloom cabbage, Copenhagen Market is an excellent cabbage  that has been an favorite of gardeners, market growers and cabbage fans all over the world.  Copenhagen Market has literally set the standard as the model for all commercial cabbage varieties developed since.
Copenhagen Market produces a heavy yield of 4 to 5 pound, 7 inch round heads of cabbage.  Height of the plant is about 12-14" and width is about 25".

(Indeterminate) Heirloom from farmers in a Lebanese hill town. Huge pink beefsteak tomato: fruits typically weigh 16-24 oz., or even larger when well grown. A good choice for a gardener’s boast or county fair entry. Has a multidimensional sweet flavor that seems to be expressed best in northern areas. In southern areas the quality is more variable. Good foliage disease resistance.

55 days.  This patty pan type of squash dates back to the early 1900s.  The fruits are a greyish-green tint and have deeply scalloped edges.
Benning's Green Tint Scallop Squash can get pretty big but they are best harvested around 3-4 inches in diameter.

55 days.  Sugar Ann is considered one of the best early snap peas around.        
Dwarf vines only reach 2' long (not a bush), but are loaded with sweet, crisp, 2 1/2" peas.  Perfect for those with limited planting space.  We simply cannot get enough of these for stir fries.  They are so crisp and sweet we eat them raw in salads as well.

2 VARIETIES that aren't NEW but we've decided to offer
on sale as well thru MARCH 1st.


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