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May 11, 2017
Celebrate with us!!!

This month, May 11th to be exact,
Mary's Heirloom Seeds is celebrating another year of awesomeness!

This month we've added quite a few AMAZING looking (and delicious) heirloom seed varieties.

Today we've added a few more and they're only
99 Cents a pack!
You read that right!  99 Cents per pack but only thru Monday, May 15th

Happy Planting!

Tepary Beans were used for many generations by many Native American cultures as a staple and reliable food crop. 
Over the years they were selected to be more drought tolerant and heat tolerant.  (However, they do not like wet heavy clay soils.  They need good drainage.)

This huge pepper was selected for heavy yields and large robust plant structures to support lots of peppers.

Plant produces high yields of flavorful pigeon peas. Pigeon Peas can be served in the same manner as green peas or cowpeas, combining them with other vegetables.

Fodder beets have been around since the 1400s if not earlier.  These beets were prized as nutritious animal feed that was easy to store.  Fodder beets are hardy, adaptable and palatable.
Red Mammoth Mangel Beets produce an incredible mass of edible beet leaves and a large root
up to 20 pounds or more in size!

A fantastic onion variety from a small Mediterranean town in Italia. 
Red Torpedos are long, red-purple, spindle-shaped onions with a mild, sweet flesh.  Torpedos are great for planting in small garden spaces as you can get far more in a smaller space than when compared to other onions.

Pre-1900.  High yielding Dent corn. 10-13 ft. sturdy stalks are often used to support pole beans. 6-9 in. ears, 12-18 rows/ ear, 1-2 ears/stalk. Grows well in drier areas (drought-tolerant). Makes great corn bread and polenta as well as attractive corn cob pipes.  Superior for grinding into flour, or for roasting ears.

Mammoth Red is the best clover for deficient soils.
Mammoth red is tall, growing at 2-3'.  It is quick-growing clover. Plant in the spring, summer or fall, alone or with grain/grass. Mammoth red will grow in more acid soil (pH 5.0-6.0) than other clovers if lime is applied at seeding time. This is a popular biennial used for Nitrogen addition and hay crops.

Leaves are deeply and closely curled. Flavor is better than most curled varieties.  Double and triple leaves are held high away from the ground, keeping them clean.  

If you have additional questions please feel free to ask. 


Happy Planting,


Mary's Heirloom Seeds, P. O. Box 3763, Ramona, CA 92065

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Congratulations to you on the anniversary!

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