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MAY 2, 2017
Dear Mary,

We are so excited to continue our donation program through our Gardens Fundraiser.  This year we have donated to over 15 different Community Gardens, School Gardens, Veterans groups and Non-Profits across the county *And we're still continuing to donate.*  This has been made possible in part thru our Gardens Fundraiser.  Today we added a garden-specific Item thru May 30th.  Proceeds from our
Easy Garden Starter Kit will help continue to fund our program.

In case you missed it, we offer region specific planting guide for entire year on our blog
Mary's 2017 Planting Guide

And now for our 99 CENT SEED SALE!


*These are ALL fresh seed stock from 2017*
If stored properly, they can be stored for several years

Genovese Basil has extra-large, dark green leaves and is often used in Italian pesto. Genovese Basil typically grows to a height of 18 - 24 inches.

Matures very quickly from seed. Green shoots have a captivating flavor. Cut 6" pieces when the "broccolis" are the size of a quarter. You'll love it lightly sauteed with garlic and olive oil, fresh in salads and boiled soups.

Snap bean for home gardens, local market, shipping fresh and for freezing.  15-17" vines, bushy, sturdy, and strong roots. 
Pods round to heart-shaped, straight, 5-1/4", fleshy, low fiber, tender, stringless, and medium dark green.

Melons can weigh 6 pounds or more. Casaba Golden Beauty Melon has white, sweet, aromatic and spicy flesh. 
Superbly adapted to hot dry climates like those in Southern California, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and West Texas. Excellent for home gardeners and perfect form market growers.

 A beautiful change from all the golds and yellows of the other sunflowers, these crimson petals will delight and enrich the colors of your garden!
A French 2-3 lb. melon with light grey-green skin. The bright orange flesh is super sweet and very fragrant

Seeds produce giant 6-12" seed heads filled with delicious seeds.  Stalks will grow 8-10' and kids just love them.

Typically grows 8"x4" and can weigh up to 6 lbs.  Waltham has a creamy, rich, dry yellow-orange flesh that has a nutty flavor.  Vine are extremely vigorous so leave plenty of room for this butternut.

Adds flavor to many meats, stuffing, vinegars and more! Fragrant leaves are also used in potpourri,
tall gray-green plants are quite attractive.   

The leaves grow 8 to 10 inches long. 
Harvest the whole head or use the outer leaves so they just keep coming!

Millet is used as a porridge or breakfast food in many countries. 
Golden German millet is a late maturing, warm season, annual crop.
It has medium stem thickness and numerous broad leaves up the stem.
Fragaria white Strawberry produces ongoing blooms and delicious white berries. This Strawberry plant produces a heavy crop with the same leaf size and structure as red Strawberry varieties. White Strawberry plants do not spread with runners, and their berries are very sweet and have a hint of pineapple in their taste. The flowers and fruit continue all season and the plants make great edgings for gardens
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Happy Planting,


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