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Growing Sweet Marjoram from Seed

Growing Sweet Marjoram from Seed

Mary Smith |

Marjoram is an easy herb to grow and grows well in containers as long as the containers are at least 6 inches wide and have a drainage hole at the bottom. Marjoram can be used in many different culinary dishes such as salads and mixed in with vegetables. This versatile herb combines well with garlic, onions, thyme, basil, and bay leaves.

Sweet Marjoram seeds are tiny!

Plant seeds shallow (about 1/8 inch). Keep soil moist but not soggy. Germination can take 14 to 21 days under optimal conditions.

Sow seeds outside after your last frost date.  To get a head start, plant indoors under lights 8 to 10 weeks before your last frost date.

Whether you direct sow or transplant, Sweet Marjoram enjoys fertile, well drained soil and direct sunlight.

Harvesting Sweet Marjoram

Harvest marjoram when ball-like tips appear at the ends of the stems.  When the plant starts to bloom, cut plants back close to the ground to stimulate a new flush of growth

Leaves can be easily air-dried for later use, but this herb is at its most delicious when freshly harvested.


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