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Calendula (Calendula Officinalis) flowers are daisy-like and come in colors of orange or yellow with single or double rows of petals. The genus name comes from the Latin word “calendae”, which means “the first day of the month” as it flowers all year round.

Also called Pot Marigold, Calendula grows quickly from wild flower seed, blooms heavily, and then dies with the first heavy frost. It will grow in all regions of North America. Calendula is very easy to grow from seed.

Calendula is grown to attract pollinators and for it's medicinal uses.


Direct sow Calendula flower seed into prepared seed beds after all danger of frost has passed in the spring.

Calendula seeds can also be planted in late Summer for a Fall harvest.

Lightly cover the flower seeds with peat moss, and sow 6 seeds per foot. Thin to 8 - 12 inches apart.

Seeds can germinate in as few as 7 days and plants blossom 6 to 8 weeks later.

Indoor or containers:

Sow Calendula seeds seeds in cell packs or coconut coir pellets, press into soil and lightly cover. Kept at 70F, germination averages 7 - 14 days. 

Calendula prefers full sun, moderate water, and almost any soil with good drainage will work. Calendula flowers are long-lasting cut, and they attract bees and butterflies.

Once harvested, Calendula petals can be used to make your self-care products. I make Calendula Infused Oil.


Harvesting & Drying Calendula

You can harvest just the petals to use or the entire flower. The petals can be used in your homemade products and seeds can be saved for your next planting.

The best time to harvest Calendula is in the morning when the flower is fully open and dry. Snip off the flower head at the top of the stalk with scissors is the easiest way to harvest calendula. Once you harvest Calendula, lay out on a drying rack or screen in a well ventilated area and away from direct sunlight.

Make sure your Calendula is completely dry before storing. Store dried calendula in glass jars with airtight seals.


Recipe: DIY Calendula Infused Oil


VIDEO: Making Calendula Infused Oil




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