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Day 4-Grow Your Own Food in 100 Days or Less

Day 4-Grow Your Own Food in 100 Days or Less

Mary Smith |

SEED Starting on Day 4 of our series Grow Your Own food in 100 Days or Less. 

If you're just getting started you might be thinking "slow down, my garden isn't ready to plant yet."  That's ok!  Today we're planting a few seeds in containers to help you get a jump start on your garden.  I prefer to start Tomatoes, Pepper and Eggplant in small containers before I transplant into the garden.  This way I know they're nice and strong.

Here's our video for Day 4!

As we mentioned in the video, it's really easy to start seeds in small containers.  Simple solutions are starter pots, 6-cell germination trays, plastic cups and coconut coir pellets.

Below are a few pictures from our Mother's Day garden seed starting.  I used recycled cups and starter pots, clothes pins and a labeled with a permanent marker.

Our seed starter mix with this planting was potting soil and coconut coir brick which we re-constituted.  Coconut coir is awesome for seed starting!

Most of the seeds we started began to germinate in 4+ days.  The peppers took quite a few days longer than the rest.  Pictured below are the Crimson Sweet Watermelon seedlings that were planted in our Mother's Day garden.

Seeds need water and warmth to germinate.  If you are growing in a cool or cold environment, you might consider planting indoors with a heated grow mat.  In our area, we start most of our seeds outside because it's usually warm enough.
Plants need water, warmth, nutrients from the soil, and light to continue to grow.
Our Blue lake Bush beans started to germinate in 4 days and were ready to transplant in about 10 days.

Did you plan out your garden on Day 2?  Are you ready to start planting seeds?  Let's do it!

In our first raised bed, we planted Royalty Purple Podded Beans and Early Scarlet Globe Radish in a 4x4 bed.

Our second planting will be in an 8x4 bed and we're planting the following seeds:
Ronde De Nice Squash (it's a fun, round zucchini)
Summer Bibb Lettuce
Red Romaine
Purple Radish


Some of these seed packs are part of our 99 Cent Seed pack collection so the total cost for the above seeds is less than $10!

*And we already have swiss chard growing in the middle of our raised bed but that might need to come out*

We have 2 more beds to plant in tomorrow!


There are several articles & videos to help you with Seed Starting







Thank you for joining us for another day day of Grow Your Own Food in 100 Days or Less.  If you have additional questions please send an email to mary@marysheirloomseeds.com

Happy Planting!


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