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My Basil tends to grow HUGE!  I usually have so much to harvest that I have to come up with new ways to use it up or store it for later.  Check out these fantastic ideas

Homegrown Basil Lemonade
I like things simple! 
I used large, wide-mouth Ball jars (quart size) and recycled mason jars.
2 jars have  Purple Opal Basil and 2 have  Genovese Basil.
Basil: 3-5 long sprigs per jar
(I use the entire stem but just leaves are fine) 
Lemons: 1/2 a lemon, sliced, per jar 
Optional- Honey: 1-2 tablespoon per jar (or use stevia)
Place appropriate amount of water in a large pot and boil.  While you wait, add the Basil and Lemons to each jar.
Once your water has boiled, pour into filled jars.  Let the jars cool until you can handle them.  Add raw honey or stevia to each jar.  Screw the tops onto your jars and place in the fridge.  Wait about an hour and shake up the jars then put back into the fridge.  Lemonade should be ready in 6-12 hours depending on how strong you like it.    Basil Lemonade can stay in the fridge up to 7 days.

Extra basil can also be chopped and stored in Ice Cube trays with either water, Olive Oil or even Coconut Oil.  This way you just pop out whatever you need when you're ready to use it.
Have you ever grown PURPLE BASIL?  It's Delicious!
Homegrown Purple Basil

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