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Another Awesome Giveaway from Mary's Heirloom Seeds

Another Awesome Giveaway from Mary's Heirloom Seeds

Mary Smith |

We LOVE Giveaways!!!!
This giveaway is sponsored by
Mary's Heirloom Seeds 

My friend Kathryn at Little Bits of Heaven Homestead has an awesome youtube channel.

We worked together on a Fall video last year and she's suggested a few new combo pack options for Mary's Heirloom Seeds.
Those combo packs include the 
Keto Garden Pack-Summer Small
Keto Garden Pack-Summer Homesteader
Keto Garden Pack-Fall Garden
Kathryn is also the reason we carry Tabasco Pepper seeds.
(She loves them)

I'm so excited about working with Kathryn that we're going to offer another Giveaway!

This Giveaway will run from Friday, May 31st thru Saturday, June 8th at midnight and is open to residents of the US and Canada
We will pick One Lucky Winner on Sunday, June 9th

Prizes include our Garden Starter Seed Combo Pack
and 5 packs of Mountain Flower Compost Tea 

Heirloom Seeds in our Garden Starter Seed Combo:
Little Gem Lettuce, White Egg Turnip, Detroit Dark Red Beet, Extra Dwarf Pak Choy, Boston Pickling Cucumber, Kentucky Wonder "old Homestead" Bean, Dynamite Popcorn, Sugar Ann Snap Pea, Black Cherry Tomato, Ruby Red Swiss Chard, Genovese Basil, Dill Bouquet, Lemon Queen Sunflower and Butterfly Garden Mix

5 packets of


From Mary,
Mary's Heirloom Seeds is a "mom and pop" small business created out of a desire to help people become more sustainable and self-sufficient. Our customers know that we are a simple phone call or email away
We currently offer over 600 varieties of Heirloom, open-pollinated, non-gmo & non-hybrid garden Seeds. Mary has signed the Safe Seed Pledge AND the Declaration of Seed Freedom.
Are you ready to enter the giveaway?

Giveaway is open to all Residents of the US and Canada.
Giveaway opens 5/31/2019 and ends 6/8/19 at Midnight.
All giveaway entrants will be added to Mary's Heirloom Seeds mailing list.
Your information is never sold and we never send spam emails.
There is no purchase required to enter.
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I love my garden and all of the flowers that attract bees. They give the garden a nice pop of color too. My favorites are purple coneflowers and sunflowers.

Martha Waugh,

I love greens! Last year I planted Mary’s Rouge d’Hiver lettuce and got a big bumper crop that was delicious and beautiful. So many people asked me what kind of lettuce it was because they’d never seen anything like it before. I had some seeds left over and planted them this year. Nothing has sprouted yet, but I’m excited to see what comes up, especially because we moved to a new planting zone (from Zone 9 to Zone 5) and I am so curious as to how it will do up here in chilly Zone 5!


How do I learn more about amending clay dirt? I’m in northern idaho. The dirt outside my apt. is packed clay dirt. I’ve amended it last fall with compost, but what else can I do to help with drainage and breaking up this clay? Thank you.

R. Marquez, MBA, CPA,

My rhubarb did not do very well this year, it look like it was hollow inside.

Darlene Owen,

I have just moved to southern Florida and have five raised beds in my yard. I am looking for something that I can grow quickly that the animals won’t eat. This year I am thinking of sticking to flowers just to get the beds planted since it’s already ghastly hot here. Any suggestions? (Climate zone 1 – We have lots of yard critters: squirrels, birds, an armadillo and some other late night creature I haven’t seen yet but who leaves nasty droppings in the yard.) Thanks!

Deborah W.,

I like wildflowers for the bees. Do you have any tips for successfully growing Moringa indoors?

wen budro,

I’m loving your seeds and having great germination rates so far. I can’t wait to taste the results. I love that you go to schools to teach kids about growing.
Thank you

Shawn Dodson,

Your seeds are awesome! I am about to place my third order…so far EVERYTHING has come up…this order is to save seed for future…THANKS for all you do.

James Wilburn,

Thank you for what you do, we are currently growing your, Corbaci Peppers, Long Purple Eggplant, and Borage. As soon as I find more room we will be ordering more heirloom varieties.


It’s hard to pick just one favorite among so many beautiful flowers but as far as a butterfly or pollinator attractant I think I’d pick Echinacea/Coneflower’s. They’re perennials, lots of beautiful colors to pick from, heights & varieties & they’re deer & drought resistant. All this is a plus for me!


I love the ongoing effort you put into educating us all and the chances to win seeds to help out when on a tight budget. Keep up the great work.

Laurie Harmon,

In the past I have ordered the Bone Meal and other items that I used in my garden when planting my tomato plants. I have a question about the lighting for growing plants from seeds. I used to florescent bulbs in my hanging lights to grow my tomato and pepper plants from seeds. The hot pepper plants grow extremely well but I notice my tomato plants start out short and stocky then the last month of growing indoors they tend to shoot tall. Could it be that I am using too much liquid fertilizer? How often should I use the fertilizer?
Thank you for your advice and the opportunity for the giveaway!

Jean Yowpa,

Love your company!♥️


I’m new at learning gardening in a small rented plot for providing clean and fresh food for my home. I look forward to the posts and information available here. Thank you!


Cool! Such fun! Thanks for the giveaway party!

donna adams,

My favourite bee-friendly plant is cilantro. They love it in my garden.

Linda ,

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