Mountain Flower - Compost Tea Mix

$ 2.50

Easy to use instant Compost Tea.
Each packet of powdered mix makes a gallon of full strength compost tea or 2 gallons of diluted compost tea
Foliar feed
All purpose fertilizer
Pre-Soak for seeds
NPK is 6-5-5 plus Calcium and Trace Minerals.
Sourced from organic material. Contains no synthetic ingredients
*NOW AVAILABLE* in a 5 gallon option
5 gallon packet can make 10 gallons of diluted compost tea
Directions: mix packet in 1 gallon of water and apply 1/2 to 1 cup per plant as needed

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Sandra Brown
Terrific TEA !!! For plants!!!

Out here in CA 🌞 Sunshine - plants can easily suffer. However, Mary's Compost TEA revived/refreshed my plants and this Tea made a significant difference!!! Thanks Mary for awesome TEA!!! More please!

Amazing results

My pepper and tomatoes suffered during a freeze. I bought this really praying it would save my plants. It did and it’s wonderful. It was just what they needed and it worked fast. Will buy next in 5 gallon quantities.

Wendy Perez
Best one I have used

I have used other compost tea mixes but none with the results of this one. I use it every couple of weeks and my plants are happy happy!