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About Orach

About Orach

Mary Smith |

We've added a few new arrivals for 2020
Purple Orach is a new one and it's such an exciting variety!!!


Atriplex hortensis

45 days from seed
Also known as Mountain spinach, French spinach, Giant Lambs quarters. Touted as a warm-season alternative to spinach, orach is actually a cool-season plant that just doesn't go to seed (bolt) as quickly as spinach. Harvest leaves that are less-bitter than spinach into the summer. Purple varieties in particular make good ornamental plants, though can reach 4 to 6 feet tall.
Reseeds easily.
For those of you in warmer climates, From U of F
Orach is a cool season vegetable and should be grown much like garden spinach. It is quick to bolt in summer. In South and Central Florida, plant in October through January. From Orlando northward, plant seeds mid-September through February. Sow seeds ½- to 1-inch deep in rows spaced 2-feet apart. Thin seedlings to stand 6-12 inches in the row. Seedlings may be transplanted.

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