Strawflower, Dwarf Tom Thumb Mix

$ 2.00

75-80 days. Helichrysum bracteatum

Tom Thumb Mix of Strawflowers are Tolerant of poor soil and air conditions.

Strawflower grows quickly and easily in full sun and flowers throughout the summer into the fall. Maxing out at 15 inches high, our Tom Thumb Mix of Strawflower Seeds is a versatile choice for just about every type of garden but especially great for container gardens.

Excellent for cutting and drying

Contains 50 seeds

NEW ARRIVAL for 2023

Planting info:

Sow strawflower Tall Double Mix seeds ¼" deep with 8 " 12" apart in average, loamy, and well-drained soil in full sunlight. Germination will take about 7 days depending on conditions.