Royalty Purple Podded Bean

$ 2.50

56 days.  Bush variety.  Tender, bright purple pods turn green when cooked. 

Prolific producer and a good home garden variety.  Beautiful addition to your garden and very tasty.  For most gardens, Plant a row every three weeks until July for a long harvest period.

For some Florida growers, this beauty can grow almost year-round.

Contains 25 heirloom seeds

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Monica Nichols

These are beautiful!!! They taste like a green bean. In my top 3 favorite varieties. I tasted raw and cooked both are delicious. The purple will disappear as it cooks also known by my children as magic green beans. I got a 100% germination and will definitely be buying again.

S. Brown
Great Beans

Easy to grow. Almost 100 % germination and delicious 😋

Magic beans!

These pods I was majorly impressed by because they’re beautiful. The dark purple makes them easy to see. My kids love this bean because they turn green when cooked. They love to help me cook them. They tasted superb and such a heavy producer.

Christopher Hogan
Zone 7, these just would not quit

Grew them in 2020, I'm back to buy them again for 2021. Excellent sustained yield. Every time I figured they were done for the year, I'd look again and pick another couple of pounds of beans out of maybe 40' of row. The color is a plus, because you can see the beans to pick them.