Radicchio, Palla Rosa

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An early heading selection of this increasingly popular vegetable. Firm red heads with attractive white veins. Can also be sown and left un-thinned for 'salad leaves' adding zest and a hint of bitterness to the mixed salad.

Contains approx 100 heirloom seeds
Growing tips:
The beautiful brilliant red/white radicchio like Treviso or Palla Rossa, are often ‘forced’. Forcing means in the fall you dig up the plant, cut off the head, cut the root back to 10-12 inches and replant it in a pot, usually filled with peat moss. Cover it with a pail, black plastic, etc. to keep out light and let it regrow at 50-60 degrees (a basement works well).  In two weeks or so, you will have new growth which is bitter/sweet and has that beautiful contrasting color of white stems and red leaves.  Of course, you do not have to force your chicory. Just grow it and enjoy it.