Medicinal Herb Seeds combo pack

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Our Medicinal herb garden combo pack consists of standard-sized packets of the herb seeds that we consider to be useful for growing plants for first-aid.   Herb seeds included:

Burdock: traditionally used for tea, tincture, elimination of toxins, infections.  Fresh root, nutrition.

Calendula: traditionally used for tea, tincture, oil and salve, antiseptic, antiinflammatory.

Comfrey: traditionally used for external use in salves, oils, poultices for the purposes of cell proliferation, rapid healing.

Dandelion: traditional used for fresh or dried root and leaves, direct consumption, tea or tincture, blood cleansing, micronutrients, nutritional value.

Self Heal: traditionallly used in tea, tincture, oral lesions, sore throat, general astringent, pain relief.

Toothache plant: The flower bud has a grassy taste followed by a strong tingling or numbing sensation and often excessive salivation, with a cooling sensation in the throat. A decoction or infusion of the leaves and flowers is a traditional remedy for stammering, toothache, and stomatitis

Valerian: tea, tincture, direct consumption, sedative.

Yarrow: tea, tincture


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