Harvester Bush Bean

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55 days. Harvester bush beans have succulent, tender pods growing up to 6" long. The pods grow high off the ground for easy picking.

Harvester bush bean is very hardy and grows upright in a nice bush habit.  Very productive and Resistant to the common mosaic virus, bean rust virus, and root rot.

Contains 25 heirloom seeds


Planting Instructions: Soak beans 2-3 hours before planting.

Seeds should be sown in warm conditions, covered very lightly (depth of ½ inch) and kept reasonably moist until seedlings emerge.  Grow in full sun. 

Thin seedlings 6-12 inches apart.  Do not over water.

Customer Reviews

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Samuel Crites
Amazing service

As always, quick service and shipping. Can’t wait to get my seeds in the ground

Easy for a first time bean grower

The 2019 season was the first time I tried growing beans. We live in a second story condo with a patio that is south facing into a parking lot in the blazing Colorado summer sun. Our patio is our only growing space and is minimum of 10 degrees warmer than the actual temperature. These beans did great and were extremely easy to grow. I planted six beans in a container (Earthbox) and five germinated. I replanted the sixth and had luck the second time around. I was actually able to grow enough from the six plants to have enough to create side dishes for my family of four (if the kids didn't eat the beans straight from the plant first). I'm excited to branch out into another variety of bean this year to grow along side our Harvester Bush Beans.