Goldie Husk Cherry

$ 2.95

60 days. Physalis pruinosa

This old-fashioned Husk Cherry bears 1/2– 3/4" sweet golden berries inside papery husks. The flavor is quite sweet and a bit wild.

Husk cherries are members of the Solanacaea family of plants along with other nightshades like tomatoes and eggplants. They also share the same genus and trademark lantern shaped husk with the tomatillo. Husk cherries are susceptible to the same diseases as tomato and tomatillo plants, but tend to be hardier and more resistant to disease and pests in our garden

Goldie is tasty heirloom husk cherry! This husk cherry ripens to a lovely orange and is best enjoyed in pies. Goldie is known for its very sweet flavor that does well in different types of jams and jellies.

Contains approx 20 heirloom seeds

*NEW ARRIVAL* for 2021