Buena Mulata Pepper

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85 days.  This old heirloom variety traces back to Horace Pippin, an African-American folk artist.

The Buena Mulata Pepper is beautiful ornamental hot pepper that ripens from a vivid violet to orange, then to deep red!

When ripe, the pepper will get to around 6 inches in length and will have a heat level that is similar to a cayenne pepper. The Buena Mulata can be used fresh or dried to give any dish a slight kick!

These peppers have a heat rating about 30,000-50,000 Scoville Units.

Contains approx 15 heirloom seeds

*NEW ARRIVAL* for 2022

Planting Instructions: Seeds should be sown in warm conditions, covered very lightly (depth of ¼ inch) and kept reasonably moist until seedlings emerge. 

Grow in full sun. Great for containers.

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