Biquinho RED Pepper

$ 2.95

95 days. Capsicum chinense

Plenty of flavor with very little heat in these tiny Biquinho Red Peppers!

Little Beak Pepper, Chupetinho Pepper. A rounded, tear-drop shaped pepper up to 3" long. Ripens to red and has a mildly hot flavor. The pods are most often used as a seasoning, for their fruitiness and smoky flavor.

May be eaten raw or cooked, but is generally pickled in vinegar and served with meals.

Heat Level: >1,000 Scoville Heat Units

Contains 15 heirloom seeds

NEW ARRIVAL for 2023

Start seeds indoors 8-12 weeks before last frost date.  Bury seeds 1/16 deep - keep room constant 70 degrees.  Germination might be erratic as seeds can take up to 4 weeks to germinate.
Don't over water seeds or they will turn to mush