Armenian Cucumber

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70 days. 

High yields of unusual, mild-tasting cukes turn yellow when ripe. Great for slicing and pickling. These are also known as yard-long cucumbers or snake melon. Actually related to muskmelon, the cucumbers have a cantaloupe-like aroma when sliced.

Although they grow to up to a couple feet long, they are best harvested when 12 to 18 inches long. The fruit will grow straighter if grown on a trellis; on the ground, the fruit is often crooked. When using a trellis, plants may be spaced 1 foot apart. 

Contains 15 heirloom seeds

Customer Reviews

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Great production

Fast growing, vigorous vines. Very productive. I'm eating them as fast as I can go and have plenty to pickle or give away!

Linda Rutherford
Armenian cucumber

I’m so glad you added these to your list of foods. I love these and they are so hard to find so yes I am ordering my opinion as the best cucumber there is I love them. Thank you.

New favorite cucumber

These will have a place in my garden from now on. Thee plant was a heavy producer and the fruit was delicious. They never got bitter, even when I let them get really big.

Easy to grow.

Texas zone 8. 2021 was the first year for me to grow Armenians cucumbers. I grew them on one of my cattle panel arches between two raised beds. They grew magnificently and are heavy producers. Their cucumbers flavor is very good and they excel in vinaigrette type salads. I will be growing these again in 2022.

Ray White
Easy to grow and burpless

This isn't really a cucumber though that's what it tastes like. It's in the melon family. The first time I planted Armenian Cucumber I got so much production I ended up selling the extra at a farmer's market. It's tastes exactly like a mild, burpless cucumber. I've never tried pickling it as I use it for fresh eating in salads and on sandwiches. (It's great with an egg salad sandwich).