Homesteader's Comprehensive Seed Collection

$ 259.00

In the last few months, many of our friends and customers have asked for a larger seed combo pack. This is a great combo pack to grow a large garden, share with your community or even store for your future garden.
This is the largest, most comprehensive seed collection we have offered to date with 128 seed packs.

Includes One packet of each:
San Marzano Tomato Paste tomato, Manitoba tomato, Aunt Ruby's Green tomato, Cherokee Purple tomato, Quedlinburger Fruhe Liebe tomato and Yeallow Pear tomato

Rio Grande Tomatillo

Red Garnet Amaranth and Love Lies Bleeding Amaranth

Blue Lake Bush bean, Buckskin bean, Golden Wax Bean, Jade Bush bean, Light Red Kidney bean, Navy Bean, Pinto Bean, Rattlesnake Pole bean and Vermont Cranberry Pole bean

Calabrese Broccoli and Purple Sprouting Broccoli

Long Island Brussels Sprouts

Early Round Dutch cabbage, NJ Wakefield cabbage, Pak Choy cabbage and Savoy Perfection Drumhead cabbage

Chioggia Beet, Detroit Dark Red beet and Red Mammoth Mangel beet

Atomic Red carrot, Cosmic Purple carrot, Scarlet nantes carrot and Tendersweet carrot

Country Gentleman Sweet Corn, Dakota Black Popcorn, Eureka Ensilage Dent Corn, Rainbow Indian corn and Stowell's Evergreen Sweet corn

Ashley cucumber, Boston Pickling cucumber and White Wonder cucumber

Black beauty eggplant and Ping Tung Long eggplant

Lacinato Kale and Vates Blue Curled Cale

Arugula, Buttercrunch Lettuce, Flame Lettuce, Kagraner Sommer Lettuce, Red Romaine lettuce, Summer Bibb lettuce and Tom Thumb Lettuce

Florida Broadleaf Mustard and Japanese Red Giant Mustard

America Spinach and Bloomsdale Longstanding Spinach

Forhook Giant Swiss chard and Rainbow Swiss Chard

Vates Collards

American Flag Leek, Crystal Wax (pickling) onion, Evergreen White Bunching Onions and Red Torpedo Onion

Alaska Pea and Mammoth Melting Snow Pea

Purple Hull Pinkeye Cowpea and California Blackeye Pea

Black Spanish Round Radish, German Giant Radish, French Breakfast Radish and Red Daikon Radish

Clemson Spineless Okra and Burgundy Okra

Anaheim pepper, Cayenne pepper, Cal Wonder Bell pepper, Jalapeno pepper, Sweet Banana pepper and Tabasco pepper

Kentucky Field pumpkin, Jarrahdale Pumpkin and Sugar Pie Pumpkin

Black Beauty Zuchini, Benning's Green Tint Scallop Squash, Cocozelle Zucchini, Golden Crookneck squash, Tatume squash and Yellow Scallop squash

Delicata squash, Hubbard Blue squash, Queensland Blue squash, Spaghetti squash and Waltham Butternut squash

American Purple Top Rutabaga and Purple Top Whiteglobe Turnip

Green Globe Artichoke, Mary Washington Asparagus, Utah Tall Celery, Rox Orange Syrup Can Sorghum, Luffa gourd (natural sponge)

Casaba Golden Beauty Melon, Green Flesh Honeydew melon, Hale's Best Jumbo melon, Crimson Sweet watermelon and Dixie Queen watermelon

Culinary and Medicinal herbs:  Genovese Basil, Calendula, Catnip, Chamomile, Chives, Cumin, Echinacea Purpurea, Oregano, Parsley, Sage, Tarragon, Thyme, Toothache Plant and Yarrow

Companion plants, also edible: Lemon Bee Balm, Plains Coreopsis, Marigold, Nasturtium, Borage and Mammoth Grey Stripe Sunflower

Pollinator Friendly: Bachelor Button, Black Oil Sunflower, Pollinator Mix and Zinnia Mix

All seed varieties are individually packed in paper envelopes .

NEW ARRIVAL for 2023

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