Stowell's Evergreen Sweet Corn

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90-110 days.  Released commercially in 1856.
This delicious white sweet corn is regarded as the "King of All White Sweet Corn Varieties", has been popular for over 162 years.  

Stowell's Evergreen matures slowly over a long period, extending the usual harvest and produces 9 inch ears with 16 to 20 rows of plump, sweet white kernels.  It has a good shelf life, and is a good option for eating fresh, canning or freezing.

Contains 50 heirloom seeds

Customer Reviews

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I planted during the heat of summer, and nothing came up. I'm not sure if it was the heat or the birds or squirrel thinking it was a treat for them. Next time, I will plant in spring. (East Texas, zone 8b)

Shelby Cecchettini
Questions about this corn

How many days till germination? Hoping to like it. Planted today and would like to find out

Hi Shelby!
Corn needs warm soil to germinate. Usually corn takes 7-14 days to germinate.