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Some varieties grow very fast and need to be transplanted faster than others when grown in coconut coir pellets.

Once you see root growth coming out of the pellets, it’s time to prepare to transplant them. This could be why they are falling over.
Coconut coir pellets tend to dry out faster than container seed starting. If they are drying out, that is another possibility of why they are falling over.

We have a few resources on our website that might help.

Using Coconut Coir Pellets:

VIDEO: Seed Starting with Coconut Coir Pellets

I hope this helps. If you have additional questions please feel free to ask.


Mary @ Mary's Heirloom Seeds,

I am trying to start seeds from those small planting pods and when the seeds come up they seem to grow like crazy then when they get around 2" tall they fall over and die > What am I doing wrong?And too I have planted quite a few seeds outdoors and for the most part they don" come up. I am very careful not to plant them to deep , but they still don’t come up your help will be greatly appreciated Betty Scenna


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