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April 1, 2017
It's April 1st and there's no fooling going on here!  We've decided to offer another HUGE seed event to help you get a jump start on
Earth Day planting!
Our Sale starts TODAY and ends April 10th.
Seeds Listed below are $.99 to $2 each

 Many of you have asked about growing different varieties from seed so we'll continue to share our Growing Tips & Videos

From The Old Farmer's Almanac,

Ever wondered how Earth Day started? This observance arose from an interest in gathering national support for environmental issues.
In 1970, San Francisco activist John McConnell and Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson separately asked Americans to join in a grassroots demonstration.
McConnell chose the spring equinox (March 21, 1970) and Nelson chose April 22.
Millions of people participated, and today Earth Day continues to be widely celebrated with events on both dates.
The most common practice of celebration is to plant new trees for Earth Day.
April 1st thru April 10th
If you have additional questions please feel free to ask. 


Happy Planting,


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