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Portobello Burger recipe

Mary Smith |

Do you participate in Meatless Monday?  Are you a vegetarian or vegan?  Here's a really easy meal!

My soy-free meat-alternatives are my Black Bean Patties and Red Bean BurgersSaturday I made this Portobello Burger for the first time and it was love at first bite.  Even my carnivore husband liked this "burger." 

Portobello Burger

Portobello Mushroom cap (top)
fresh ginger, grated
organic coconut oil
organic, non-GMO soy sauce
burger buns or Dinner Rolls  (optional)
Red onion, sliced (optional)
shredded cheese (optional)

Add coconut oil and ginger to a large pan and heat on high/medium until coconut oil melts.  Cook mushroom for approx 5 minutes on medium.  Drizzle with soy sauce and cook an additional 3-5 minutes **Add onion to the pan at this time**

Toast rolls or buns, top portobello burger with cheese and serve hot!
My hands are small but this Portobello cap is HUGE!
This was so easy!!!

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