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Pollination & Cross-Pollination with Mary

Pollination & Cross-Pollination with Mary

Mary Smith |

We recently posted to our facebook page that I had planted Delicata Squash and Pumpkin in the same raised bed.  I probably won't s be saving seeds form these but at least I'll have an amazing harvest.  These plants are growing HUGE!

Someone asked why we would not save seeds and I explained about cross-pollination.  Cross-pollination can occur throughout the entire garden and not just within a single raised bed.  BEES travel great distances to pollinate our delicious organic garden.

First, check out our NEW video of our garden and a brief explanation of Squash Pollination!

What varieties will cross-pollinate?
From garden Guide, "Varieties of winter squash, jumbo pumpkins and ornamental gourds that are closely related will cross-pollinate if you plant them close together. Don't worry about cucumbers or melons. Although tomatoes are self-pollinating, they can cross pollinate."

I hope you have enjoyed another educational article and video.  Please share so that we may help more people grow their own organic food!


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