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How to Grow Thai Roselle from Seed to Harvest

How to Grow Thai Roselle from Seed to Harvest

Mary Smith |

Thai Roselle is pretty easy to grow. It makes a beautiful, delicious tea and can be harvested then dried to enjoy year round.

What is Thai Roselle?

Also called Jamaican Sorrel or Florida Cranberry.
Thai Roselle was called "Florida Cranberry) as early as the 1890s. The flowers and young leaves are edible and have a citrus tang.
Roselle, part of the hibiscus family, is a tropical plant. Started indoors, it can be grown successfully in more northern climates. You can start Thai Roselle seeds around the same time you would plant pepper, tomato and eggplant seeds indoors.
Since this is a heat loving plant, you want to give is a good head start!

Planting Thai Roselle Seeds
Roselle germinates at soil temperatures between 75°- 85°F, and does well directly sown in the garden.
Plant seeds 1/2 inch deep and about 3 feet apart.

Roselle prefers well-draining fertile soil. Overly rich soil or extra fertilization leads to a very large plant with fewer calyxes. A sunny spot is best for growing roselle successfully.
Roselle hibiscus prefers humid, warm conditions and does not tolerate frost.

Roselle is day-length sensitive
When a plant is "day-length sensitive", the light cycle affects when the plant will bloom. The stunning blooms (similar to okra blooms) are triggered as the days get shorter in the fall.

Harvesting Thai Roselle
It is time to harvest when the pointy red calyx around the seed pod is just over an inch wide. The seed pod is fully grown but still tender. Harvesting the calyxes early will promote greater yields throughout the season. You can also pick the edible young leaves and shoots at any time starting about 6 weeks from planting or transplanting.
Fresh calyxes are usually dried or dehydrated prior to storage. You can keep them fresh in the fridge for 4–7 days while collecting enough to dry a bigger bunch at once. Leaves and stem tips can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a week. Juice can be frozen for later use.


If you have additional questions, please feel free to ask!
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Please how can I get a mentor on how to farm roselle. I am from Nigeria and I am willing to learn. Thanks

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