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Day 6-Grow Your Own food in 100 Days or Less

Day 6-Grow Your Own food in 100 Days or Less

Mary Smith |

Gophers!!!  Welcome to Day 6 of our series Grow Your Own food in 100 Days or Less at Mary's Heirloom Seeds

On our homestead, we grow 100% of our gardens in raised beds and containers because of the horrible gopher problem.  We have natural predators such as hawks, coyotes, cats and owls but they're still abundant.  Our neighbors use non-poisonous traps as well.

This morning when I went out to water I saw a few scratches in the bed from gophers.  Even with gopher wire UNDER the bed, they're trying to get in from the top of the bed.

Here's our video update for Day 6

Using Cayenne Pepper in the Garden

Many garden pests like gophers do not like strong smells or spicy stuff.  There are 2 easy ways to add cayenne pepper to the garden.  The first is a spray.  We've posted this recipe before in our article Organic Pest Control Part 2: Recipes
Chop, grind, or liquefy one garlic bulb and one small onion.  

Add 1 teaspoon of powdered cayenne pepper and mix with 1 quart of water.  

Steep 1 hour, strain through cheesecloth, then add 1 tablespoon of liquid dish soap (I use Organic Dr. Bronner's) to the strained liquid; mix well.  

Spray your plants thoroughly, including leaf undersides.  

Store the mixture for up to 1 week in a labeled, covered container in the refrigerator.  

As we have said in previous articles:

Be careful of where and how you use these recipes.  Even organic pest control options can work on "good bugs" as well as "bad bugs."

I think I might be planting Luffa in our garden this weekend!

Today we are using a simpler method, cayenne pepper and food grade diatomaceous earth.  As we have mentioned numerous times, these pest control options can harm some beneficial insects so it it VERY important to use sparingly and in the right conditions.  Do not use food grade diatomaceous earth on flowers, flowering plants or in windy conditions.  Do not breathe in cayenne pepper or food grade DE.

For Day 6 we applied approximately 1/2 cup of food grade diatomaceous earth and less than 1/4 cup of organic cayenne pepper powder.  Mix the ingredients and apply to the soil around the inside of the bed.

Stay tuned for more info on growing your own food!

Thank you for joining us for another day of Grow Your Own Food in 100 Days or Less.  If you have additional questions please send an email to mary@marysheirloomseeds.com

Happy Planting!


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Thanks for sharibg that recipe, I will be trying it out!!

Mary Mullins,

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