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NEW Seeds, FREE Seeds & More!

NEW Seeds, FREE Seeds & More!

Mary Smith |

The official first day of SPRING is March 20, 2016!!!

Mary's Heirloom Seeds
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From Mycorrhizae: The Fantastic Fungus
Mycorrhizae is a fungi that has a beneficial relationship with a plants roots. When Mycorrhizal fungi comes into contact with a plants roots it begins to colonize, or multiply, on the roots and begins to spread out into the surrounding soil. These strands of mycorrhizal fungi effectively become an extension of the roots and can increase the absorbtion area of a plants root system by 10 to 1,000 times. This allows the root system a more efficient intake of nutrients and water. 

February 25, 2016
We're so excited for SPRING!
Are you ready to get planting?  Have you already begun planting your seeds?

Mary's Heirloom Seeds is constantly adding to our Planting Tips page and sharing this info on our facebook page.
In case you missed the announcement on our facebook page, we have a FREE SEEDS offer on all orders over $10. 
BONUS, we'll include another extra pack if your purchase also includes Coconut Coir Pellets 
*If you recently placed an order, we already included your free seeds* 

ENGLISH LAVENDER is also on sale! 
Both the free seeds and seed sale ends Monday, February 29th
NEW SEEDS added this week

We had several varieties which were temporarily out of stock.  All back-ordered seeds listed have already been shipped! 
If you have additional questions please feel free to ask. 
Happy Planting,

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